Need a Job? Recruiters Scout Out the Best

You may or may not be surprised to find that the job market is super-competitive in these modern days. cgWhat used to be easy is now complex because a majority of prospective employers hire professional recruiters. Recruiters are people who spend their days searching for just the right applicants to fill an open position. They do not just search for people who qualify; they search for people who excel. Therefore, you will have to rise above the average and even the “good” applicants to get a job offer in these competitive times. The following are some tips for making it past the recruiter.

Make Sure Your Resume Is up to Par

The first step in the employment process is to make sure that your resume stands out. Professional recruiters will not call applicants who do not pass the initial resume screening process which usually involves computer software. Therefore, your resume will have to be tailored in such a way that the software will find it acceptable. One way to do this is to read and re-read the job description and make sure you use relevant terminology throughout your resume. References to any work that you have done which satisfies the employer’s requests should saturate the document. In addition, relevant educational degrees, accomplishments and recognition that you received from your employer should also be included. Each pertinent detail will place you higher on the list of other applicants. Finally, you should ensure your resume has no grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or errors of any other kind. It must have an attractive look and be very eye-catching.

Be Prepared for a Telephonic Interview

A recruiter will call you if your resume makes it past the initial screening process. What you will want to do at this point is have your answers ready. This stage of the process is the part where the recruiter digs into some personal information, work experience, product knowledge and personality elements to find what he or she needs. At this point, the recruiter will ask you about your availability and the length of time you want to stay on the job if hired. He or she may also ask you about your expected pay rate. Be careful when you answer these questions. You do not want to present yourself as too expectant or too restricted. Find a creative way to state your needs while remaining competitive with the rest of the applicants.

The recruiter is not looking for qualifying information when he or she calls you. They will be looking for reasons to eliminate you from the application process in order to find the best team members. The goal is to paint yourself as the dedicated, appreciative and hardworking person that you are.

Follow up on the Interview

To increase your chances of becoming the newest member of the team, it is important to keep your face fresh in the interviewer’s mind. If, after two or three days, you have not received a job offer then you should follow up with the interviewer and politely ask if a candidate has been selected. If another applicant has been chosen, asking the recruiter to retain your file and consider you for future opportunities would be acceptable.