Forex Trading Mistakes to Avoid in 2016 and Beyond

The Forex markets can offer a wealth of potential opportunities to those who are able to adopt successful investing strategies. In the same respect, there is no doubt that countless would-be traders have lost a great deal of money due to avoidable mistakes. The key is recognising some of the most common errors and learning how to eliminate them. Although each personality is naturally quite different, the fact of the matter is that typical lapses of judgement impact us all from time to time. Let us examine a handful of prominent mistakes as well as the ways in which they can be circumvented.

Gut Reactions

Greed and fear both play very important roles within an investment strategy and unfortunately, too much of either will lead to grave consequences. The presence of these can often be seen in the so-called “gut” reactions that traders make from time to time. Whether rationalised with such terms as “instinct” or “intuition”, decisions that are not based off of fact are dangerous. These are especially common within the Forex markets due to the fast-paced nature of this sector. Such actions should be avoided.

Incorrect Budgeting

The expression “never go to Las Vegas if you cannot afford to lose in Las Vegas” holds just as true within the Forex marketplace. This is not to say that the industry is based off of gambling but rather that there will be times when money is lost. It is therefore critical to establish a firm budget from the very beginning.

Most traders will allocate themselves a certain amount of funds per week or per month that can be used towards the currency exchange industry. While this will naturally vary for everyone, it is wise to segregate no more than 10 per cent of your total budget. Even if a position results in a complete loss, your finances will not be severely crippled.

Choosing the Wrong Trading Platform

The majority of Forex traders employ online software packages for their investing strategies. There are several advantages with such an approach. Some key points to mention here are:

  • Ease of use.
  • Immediate access to trading tools.
  • The ability to interact with other traders.
  • Access to relevant financial news.

All of these can and will have a massive impact upon how successful the trader becomes over time. The downside is that not all platforms provide the same levels of support.

It is always wise to select systems that have received overwhelmingly positive reviews such as CMC Markets. The architecture provided will help to guarantee that even novice investors are able to stay ahead of the ever-evolving financial markets.

Negative Emotions

There are specific times when trading should be avoided altogether. This can be likened to driving a car in some ways. Would you ever get behind the wheel of a vehicle if you were overly tired, distracted or extremely angry? Most would obviously answer no. This should be the same approach that is taken before a trading session starts.

Should you be extremely tired or irritated after a long day at work, the chances are much higher that you will make mistakes or that your judgement could lapse. The end result may be a significant loss of capital. It is always best to walk away and trade another day.

Poor Leveraging

Leveraging can be an alluring strategy to many investors; especially those who hope to make a great deal of money within a short period of time. Still, losses can quickly mount and they may even rise far above the initial amount invested. This is the potential danger of margin trading. Even experts will tend to avoid these situations until they are relatively certain (within reason) that a position will move in a specific direction. Leveraged trades are quite attractive and yet, they must be approached with both prudence and pragmatism.

These are some common Forex mistakes to avoid at all costs. Recognising how they can come about and knowing the warning signs are excellent ways to stay away from such pitfalls. Developing good habits in the beginning will help to ensure future Forex trading success.