Easy Ways to Find Your Ideal Job

69Have you ever gone to websites such as Indeed or Monster in hopes of finding a job, spent hours on the site, only to be disappointed that you came back with nothing? Maybe you’ve even paid for expensive job searching services and came back empty handed, which is even worse, because at this point, you’ve spent money that you didn’t have in order to land a job that you need in order to make money? Kind of goes full circle doesn’t it?

After years of experience and courses on how to first find a job, then how to market yourself in order to get the job, I have learned a ton of valuable tips that have helped me to land some pretty awesome jobs. Even though I eventually decided that the 9 to 5 at an office wasn’t for me, it is what many people want. I still use these tips in order to land clients through my freelance writing and the same holds true!

First of all, you really don’t need to pay for services that offer to help you find a job. There are tons, and I do mean tons of free services out there that offer to help you in your search. You may not think the right job is out there for you, but I promise, it is. Most people give up and give in to soon to see any fruits from the labor of job hunting. I’ve been there. Luckily, I was too stubborn to give up at this stage. You need to take on this same can-do attitude in your job hunt. The questions you must ask yourself at this point are:

1. What kind of work would I be interested in doing?

2. Where am I located and how far am I willing to travel for a job?

Go to the Indeed website and do a keyword search for what you are interested in. Make sure that your location is specified so that jobs that are near you will appear. Whether you are fresh out of college and you want to begin in an entry level career or you don’t really have any experience yet and you need somewhere to start, you can a job that you like through this site most of the time. If you don’t find it through the first search, don’t stop. Every couple of days you need to check back because jobs are constantly being added.

If you absolutely cannot find what you want and you are becoming impatient, you can always go to your local job center and search through their jobs. The good thing about job centers is that they will help you to fill out your application, build your resume, and teach you interview skills in order to land the job. The point here is that between two modes of job searching, you are going to find something that you can do and will enjoy doing about 95% of the time.

If you are going the freelance route, and you have a few key skills that you feel are marketable, sites such as UpWork and Fiverr may be for you. I am excited to say that I have just launched my freelancing web writing business, and I am using UpWork as a starting point. I managed to land an awesome first client who wanted a writer to write content for her fashion/home décor site and blog. I am loving it and it will allow me a base to begin to grow my business on. You can use these sites whether you are a writer, web designer, editor, you name it. If it can be done on the web, there is a high demand for it and you can find work doing it.

Now, before you get excited and start trying to apply to every service out there, let me give you the most important piece of advice here: don’t overdo it and try to use 30 different modes of job searching. You are just going to get confused and frustrated and give up on your search prematurely. Stick with 2 modes and go back and forth between those two until you find something you can do and that you can see yourself enjoying. Do not settle! This leads to a low performance during your interview and usually you won’t land the job, or if you do land the job, you will quit quickly after starting, which will harm your work record and your resume. It’s out there, keep looking.