Debunking 5 Common Myths About Staffing Agencies

6yStaffing agencies are a great way for employees to gain experience in the workplace. Sadly, they are still one of the most misunderstood resources in the job market. You may have heard these five myths about working for one of these companies. These facts will help you see them in a much brighter light.

Placements Only Last a Few Weeks

Most potential employees have heard that placements through staffing agencies only last for a matter of weeks. That is barely long enough for you to learn the job. The reality is the length of placement depends on the assignment. Yes, some only last for just a few weeks, especially if you are covering for a permanent employee who is on leave. Other opportunities could continue for a few months or years. Many even turn in to a permanent position down the road. It all depends on what the company needs and how well you fit into the position.

The Only Available Positions Are Entry Level

Although many companies have used staffing agencies to fill their entry-level positions, this is not as common in today’s market. More offices are using these firms to seek out trained professionals to fill empty specialized positions. Helping businesses find skilled workers takes the stress off the hiring manager to find just the right person. These agencies sort through all the resumes to find the perfect match.

You Can Only Get Temporary Work

Even though the position may be temporary, it is still a real job. You can and should include any experience you gained while working at these different jobs on your resume. Remember, even though it might be a short-term position, it may not stay that way. If you do a good job, work well with your coworkers, and are a good fit for the company, you could turn the position into a permanent one.

You Can Make More Money by Finding the Job on Your Own

Employers do not pay a temporary employee less than a permanent doing the same job. Your compensation is based not on how you acquired the job, but rather the experience you bring to the table. You may get a bit of a raise if you are offered a permanent position, but this has to do with having more experience at this point than being a permanent employee.

Staffing Agencies Do Not Offer Benefits

It depends on the group. Some do not provide any benefits. Others offer some, including health care and 401(k). Just as with any job, the benefits are dependent on the businesses regulations, and even if they offer them, you may not qualify unless you have been with the agency for a set amount of time or work a set number of hours a week or month.

Staffing agencies are an excellent means of gaining experience in your chosen career. They are also a great way for you to try out a different occupation to see if it is something you want to do.