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Nutritious than with an eye to starting a business

When Cinzia Cozzolino started making smoothie boosters in her kitchen, it was more to ensure her daughters were having something nutritious than with an eye to starting a business.

“It wasn’t until much later that I realised there was a demand for this kind of product,” says Cozzolino, founder of Smoothie Bombs.

Cozzolino is one of several entrepreneurs who started off making their products in their kitchens, only to realise that there is a market whose appetite cannot be sated with home-based production.


Starting from a kitchen bench

So, starting a business from your kitchen, how far can you really go?

Cozzolino has not only moved the production of boosters out of her kitchen to a commercial space, she says the company’s turnover in the last financial year was “just shy of $600,000”.

“We’re on track to hit the $1 million mark with a lot of the growth coming from the export market.”

She says it is hard to believe the company’s growth in the past year. “Having learnt to budget on below minimum wage with an annual income of just under $30,000, I am now almost doubling that per month.”